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Come join Camp Jeff and the Nation's BEST Instructors for Boot Camp!
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What is Cheer Boot Camp?

Our Back to School Cheer Boot Camp Ignites Cheerleaders with High-Intensity Training and Skill-Building for the Ultimate Season!

Our high-octane Back to School Cheer Boot Camp is designed to unlock your full potential, offering the same elite collegiate-level skill training that our instructors undergo. Get ready to dominate your upcoming cheer season with confidence and flair through:

Skill Enhancement: Our boot camp is a one-stop-shop for cheerleaders of all levels, from rookies to seasoned pros. Led by our elite instructors, we focus on perfecting fundamental techniques like jumps, stunts, tumbling, and motions. You'll build a rock-solid foundation that sets you apart on the field and ensures your team shines in every performance.

High-Intensity Training: Buckle up for the most exhilarating comprehensive cheer session of your life! Our boot camp offers a dynamic and intense training regimen that not only boosts your physical strength, but also enhances your endurance. Be prepared to push your limits and go beyond what you thought was possible!

Team Building: Cheerleading is all about fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and teamwork. Our boot camp provides the perfect platform to bond with fellow cheerleaders, forge friendships, and create a supportive and encouraging environment. Together, you'll learn to synchronize your moves flawlessly, lift each other's spirits, and achieve feats that seemed impossible at first.

Confidence Booster: As you conquer new challenges and master advanced techniques, your confidence will soar to new heights. Our coaches are committed to empowering you, helping you embrace your unique talents, and unleashing your full potential. With newfound self-assurance, you'll be ready to perform with poise and grace, captivating audiences and inspiring your team.

Unmatched Motivation: The energy at our Back to School Boot Camp is wildly contagious! Surrounded by like-minded cheerleaders, you'll be motivated to push harder, reach further, and strive for excellence. The support and encouragement from your coaches and peers will fuel your determination, making you unstoppable in your quest to be the best.

Jumpstart Your Season: Don't waste time getting back into the groove during the regular season. Joining our boot camp gives you a head start, allowing you to hit the ground running when the official cheerleading season commences. You'll be ahead of the game, impressing your coaches and competitors alike. Seize every opportunity to shine right from day one!

So, are you ready to unleash the cheerleader within? Don't miss this chance to join our Back to School Boot Camp. Prepare to elevate your skills, embrace the challenge, and make this season the most unforgettable one yet!


Monday, August 14 @ 4:15pm - 7:30pm

Facility Information:

New Trier High School
(Winnetka Campus)

385 Winnetka Ave.

Winnetka, IL 60093

(View Directions)


1 Day Pass: $55.00


Camp Jeff has been a leader in the Cheer and Dance industry for over 15 years. Camp Jeff has provided the most unrivaled cheer and dance camps to prepare your team for the upcoming sideline and competition seasons. All of our camps are tailor-made to meet the specific needs and goals of your teams.  We believe this is a unique opportunity for you to build your own camp experience! We are proud to be the preferred camp provider for numerous organizations including recreational, schools, and all-star programs that have won multiple state and national championships.

Remember, the foundation of success starts in the summer. How do we know? For over 15 years, we have consistently worked with many IHSA State Qualifiers and Champions! Here are just a few highlights from this recent 2022-2023 season alone:

  • 40 - IHSA State Qualifiers

  • 18 - IHSA State Finalists

  • 1 - IHSA Top 3 Finisher

  • 2 - IHSA State Runner-up

  • 1 - ICCA Junior High State Champ!

  • 1 - VHSL State Champ! (Virginia High School League)

  • 2 - IHSA State Champ! (Illinois High School Association)

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